Premature or Rapid Ejaculation

A condition that occurs in men where they are not able to control when they will ejaculate. Often related to performance anxiety or bad habits developed while masturbating. Severity can vary from an inability to maintain control to the point of ejaculating before intercourse to ejaculation that occurs within seconds of penetration. Treatment involves learning to relax during sexual arousal, managing ones kegel muscles along with identifying the "point of no return" during sexual arousal. 

Erectile Dysfunction

A condition that can occur at any age, yet is often associated with men who are in their 60's and above. This condition can be more complex in the elderly as it is often linked to those men who have vascular problems as well as those men with diabetes. In younger men, as long as they have been seen by a physician and found to be healthy, it is often a psychological issue that is based in anxiety. Treatment strategies for those found to not have any medical issues connected to the ED include learning to relax, doing an exercise called sensate focus, communication strategies with their partner and learning to not focus on just the performance of the penis to measure a positive sexual experience.

Low Desire

In men this can be traced to 2 common factors. One is being deficient in testosterone, a hormone that has been found to be connected to desire. If the male tests normal for the hormone testosterone, then it is likely related to anxiety or stress. Both can be easily treated.  

Prostate Cancer

One in six American men will experience some form of prostate cancer. After going through treatment for prostate cancer, men will be faced with a recovery process along with the need to understand the impact the treatment has had on their sexual performance. Today, the treatment for prostate cancer varies. Regardless of which treatment you choose, erectile dysfunction is a common side effect. After obtaining written permission to receive a report from your physician, regarding the procedure you underwent,  Sexual Health Matters clinicians will review and discuss the impact the treatment you received will have on your sexual performance. Once explained, we will discuss all options of how you can best regain a fully satisfying sexual life.  This includes consulting with your physician for medication and other medical approaches as well as individual and couples therapy. 

Porn Addiction-Out of Control Sexual Behavior

With the increased availability of free porn on the internet, more and more adolescent boys are coming in contact with pornography. In addition, more and more adults are accessing porn for entertainment and or erotic arousal. While many people watch and enjoy porn and do not experience any sexual or relational problems, some do. This can include being unable to control the desire to watch porn, masturbating to the point that it interferes with sexual performance with partners, to spending thousands of dollars on paid sites. Sexual Health Matters clinicians works with clients to identify the severity of the compulsive behavior, in a nonjudgemental way. Then, the client and the clinician work together on appropriate treatment goals and approaches.